How to Build UTMs

Wondering where that sale came from?

Tracking is the hardest part of any marketing campaign because people don't behave in a way that makes it easy.  We plan campaigns with a journey that looks like this:


Ad-> Landing Page -> Checkout -> Purchase success page


but the reality is more like this:


Ad-> Landing Page -> Search your profile -> Scroll through some posts -> Visit your website -> leave it for a few days -> see another ad -> remember it looked quite good ->  kick the tyres some more, maybe opt in to a freebie -> get some emails -> click some links -> eventually purchase...


That's a lot of touchpoints that aren't always trackable...

If we accept that multi-touch requires a little more effort to track, we can learn what works for each stage by using UTMs and Google Analytics to measure results.


What we can do is to make life a little easier, less confusing and more informative in Google Analytics by using UTM builders in a way that allows us to filter by product, campaign, traffic source and even the ad name.


While it won't give you the full picture, it will show you the last touch attribution that lead someone to the page, and the results obtained from that page (lead, sale, etc).


See the workflow for how we build 'easy to filter' UTMs for ads, referral links, emails and more.