About You

Any form of advertising is about two things; the data and the people.


The people are what your business wants and needs to attract, retain and to consume your content, products and services. Understanding their journey to doing so starts by mapping out their decisions and influences along the way. Using campaign data to validate, confirm and inform our decisions. By doing this, we can guide your people to you and ensure that once in your world, your customers stay with you.


Our experience in corporate Marketing Strategy, Business Development and Sales gives us another dimension when planning your campaigns, one that focusses on the long-term results that in-depth relationships achieve.


We're fiercely proud of our small, smart team and the oversize punch they pack.


Our success is measured by the results we bring for you, which means we're pretty selective about the clients we take on. 'Pile 'em high, service them cheap' is exactly the opposite of how we work; instead, we like to talk to you about how your goals, strategies and approach align with the results we can deliver as your marketing partner.

about dme

-Rich Osborn - CEO – Fresh-Range

“Albeit in exceptional times, we’ve reduced our cost of acquisition by over 60% on average over the duration of the time we have worked with Digital Marketing Engine. This has given us the confidence to increase ad spend five-fold and are now enjoying new customer growth at the fastest rate since we launched our business in 2014.”