Ads & Funnel Fixer

What if you could get a full agency-level audit at a fraction of the price?

What if that came with a full set of fixes that could 2, 3, 5, even 10x your results?

What would that do for your business?

Our Ads & Funnel fixes are a lot different to the freebies designed to sell you services.  For a fraction of what the big agencies charge,  we go through your tech stack in detail to find the big and little changes that result in more leads & sales. But that's not all, while we're in there we make sure that the painful tech set up is  done for you, AND you go away with templated campaigns you can have confidence in!

What does the ads & funnel fixer cover?

We start with ensuring you're building from strong foundations.  Structuring the tech piece ensures you have all of your assets connected, tracking and verified for advertising.  This helps to optimize the results by feeding the right data back to the system.


We will check the set up of each element, add it if it isn't there and optimize it if it's not quite right.


What does that cover?

  • The Tech Part

    Business Manager set up

    Domain verification

    Facebook Page integration

    Instagram account integration

    Ad account connected

    Pixel connected (CAPI native set up)

Next, we take on the funnel.  Why should someone sign up or buy from you?  Are the reasons compelling enough?  We'll use our star copywriter to give you great examples, edits, and thought provoking ideas of what could convert better and result in more sign ups & sales.

  • The Funnel Part

    Landing Page load

    The messaging and copy

    Call to actions & hooks

    ...and, of course, the pixel events

If your funnel isn't working, we need to know why.  Pouring more leads into a leaky funnel is a waste of money, time and energy - no one wants to give those away!    We'll work through the funnel, tightening and optimizing each little piece.

Once we're happy we're sending hot traffic to a place they're going to sign up, we can map out the ad campaign that will engage, educate, connect and convert your audience to lovely leads and sales...

  • The Campaign Part

    Map out your cold campaigns

    Map out your retargeting campaigns

    Recommend audience builds for each stage

    Build out a template for cold

    Build out a template for retargeting

We're going to se this up for you.  Then give you the keys to drive the Ferrari (with instructions, of course!).   Your campaigns will be built, live and working before we hand over, and you'll know exactly what metrics to watch, and what to do when they change.


Your Funnel & Ad Campaign - Fixed 🙌🏻

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