Questions to Ask your Facebook Advertising Agency

Questions to Ask your Facebook Advertising Agency

Facebook Ad Agencies

Choosing a Facebook ad agency is no easy feat and not a decision to take lightly. Narrowing down the organisations is difficult enough, but you’ve also got the added pressure of knowing that your choice needs to pay dividends in your Facebook advertising campaigns. How can you be convinced that your chosen Facebook advertising agency is going to swing the tide in your favour? How can you be sure their previous experience with Facebook ads, will result in successful lead generation ads for your business?

Outsourcing your Facebook advertising to an experienced social media ad agency isn’t easy at all. Here at Digital Marketing Engine, we have a wealth of experience helping numerous clients with various Facebook ad campaigns, across a wide variety of sectors.

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We may be biased, but we know for sure that we can be the agency that will help create Facebook ads that are going to work for you. We work with you to scale winning Facebook ad campaigns, as well as the strategy and implementation behind them, with clearly defined goals and targets.

We understand if there is any hesitancy before hiring a Facebook ads agency; you need to be assured of your choice. So we’ve outlined some pertinent questions you should ask before you make your decision on a company to outsource Facebook ads to.

Questions to Ask Facebook Agencies

What is your process?

If you aren’t aware of the benefits of Facebook ads, now is the time to utilise Facebook properly! As a business, you may be clued into how Facebook ads can help you generate leads, promote your brand and much more.

But do you understand how Facebook ads work?

Understanding Facebook ads is not as easy as many Facebook marketing agencies would have you believe. Digital Marketing Engine know that understanding how to create Facebook ads properly is exceedingly difficult, which, for many businesses, has to take a backseat to other primary responsibilities such as running the business! We don’t blame you if you don’t want to, or have the time to, understand Facebook target audiences (and testing them), profile demographics, filtering, lead magnets and Facebook sales funnels.

We simply start with a call to discuss your aims with your ads. We will isolate what you want to achieve, and if necessary, we’ll audit your existing Facebook ad account. We’ll create a full, detailed onboarding plan so you’re fully aware of what we’ll do regarding current and future Facebook ad campaigns, and how we’ll operate.

What services do you offer?

Digital Marketing Engine don’t just offer full Facebook campaign management as a service, as that would be restricting what we provide! We’re experienced social media marketers who can also offer:

Marketing strategy design – we can create a detailed, comprehensive Facebook marketing strategy for your business. This strategy is designed to maximise quality leads from expertly created ads, all within a scalable system.

A/B Facebook ad testing – we can run simultaneous Facebook ads to determine their performance. Every business is different, as is their audience. It’s vital to get it right!

Campaign Kick-Starter – a 4-week campaign for companies who want to get tangible results without committing to a full-time Facebook PPC agency. We’ll test and build your ideal Facebook audiences, build you a bespoke sales funnel, test and optimise all elements of your campaigns. We’ll give full control back to you once we’re done, and complete details of how to keep the upward trend moving.

What types of campaigns do you run?

We have helped run an enormous amount of successful Facebook ads for businesses over the years, developing effective lead generation systems and strategies. Here are just a few examples.

Awareness ads – to promote a brand or business to more people, and build base audiences.
Conversion ads – to encourage people to take action, or make a purchase.
Consideration ads – to drive engagement with your business, app downloads, website traffic, video views and most frequently, generate leads.

What is the best Facebook ad to use?

There is no universal answer to that. The best type of Facebook ad doesn’t exist, as it varies from business to business. What works for one might not work for another company. But we have outlined steps to take when overseeing campaigns, and ensure they are effectively managed, which you can read about here.

Ready to speak to a Facebook Ad Management Agency?

If this blog has helped you get closer in deciding who should run your Facebook ads, then consider Digital Marketing Engine. We are an experienced performance-based Facebook ad agency who want to ensure a completely transparent approach to running ads, and giving you results that you can be proud of.


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