Managing Your Own Facebook Ad Campaigns

Managing Your Own Facebook Ad Campaigns

Facebook Ads Not Delivering?

On the surface, Facebook advertising might look pretty straightforward. However, many businesses just don’t understand the level of expertise and strategic thinking that goes into creating successful Facebook advertising campaigns.

If your business is experienced in digital marketing, managing your own Facebook ads can be tempting. But the truth is you open yourselves up to several issues that affect your campaign’s success and, by extension, how profitable it is. Here at Digital Marketing Engine, we are regularly approached by businesses who need help with their Facebook ad campaigns. They require the help of an experienced Facebook advertising agency who can create successful ad campaigns for them.

Many businesses regularly have Facebook advertising problems, and they aren’t sure how to fix them. We’ve outlined some common issues companies have with Facebook advertisements.

Problems with Facebook Ads

Incorrect Audience Targeting

This issue is quite self-explanatory and quite a common problem for many businesses trying to advertise on Facebook. Knowing how to create a successful ad campaign on Facebook starts with targeting the right audience. If your typical customer is women aged 18-30 in London, you need to ensure your Facebook ad products are seen by the accounts of women that fit this demographic. Sadly, you could either be targeting the wrong profiles, or failing to set the correct parameters for where your ads appear. The best way to advertise on Facebook is to identify and target the right audience, so you can start successful Facebook lead gen ads.

At Digital Marketing Engine, we can help test audiences to get the best campaign results for you, as part of our Campaign Kick-Starter service. We can build a Facebook ads sales funnel which you can then manage easily.

Not Tracking Click-Through-Rates (CTRs) or Conversions

Unfortunately, you won’t know how successful Facebook ad campaigns are without keeping track of the responses. Tracking is vital and failing to understand it can mean you’re pouring ad spend into Facebook advertisements without knowing if they have a positive impact.

Here at Digital Marketing Engine, we believe that sales funnels and ad campaigns are extensions of your business. We keep you entirely in-the-know of what’s happening, when it’s happening and what the real, data-driven results will be.

Not Conducting A/B Testing

Different types of Facebook ads will receive different interactions and results. Many companies aren’t conducting tests on different ads to find out which ones are working for them. As a result, they are not maximising on the best possible return. Conducting A/B tests can help identify which type of ad runs the best, by rolling out two campaigns at once.

We can help conduct A/B tests on your ads, so we can identify how to run Facebook ads in the right way, for your business. By running two ads simultaneously, we can determine which ad performs the best, and monitor their performances against new ads. This will ultimately help you pinpoint which ads are going to give you the best ROI.

Boosting Posts Unnecessarily

As we outlined in our previous blog, using the Boost button on existing, live posts, is not always the most effective way to advertise your business on Facebook. Many businesses adopt this practice instead of curating, targeting and tracking new, fresh ads. While boosting posts might get that ad in front of people straight away, it does so without targeting the types of Facebook users you want to reach.

Not Committing Enough Time

Knowing how to advertise on Facebook, correctly, takes time and patience. It’s not as simple as creating an ad, posting it, and hoping for the best. You need to ensure you’re doing plenty of research to identify your target audience, tracking your responses and have a clear strategy in place. Unfortunately, many companies fail to allocate the right amount of time to complete these necessary steps. As a result, their Facebook ads suffer, for one reason or another.

At Digital Marketing Engine, we can help you develop a robust and effective strategy that will help you see returns on your Facebook advertising costs. We can audit your existing ads account to find any potential wins, and explore the most effective way to find you the best opportunities for clicks, conversions and leads.

Ready to Speak to a Facebook Ad Agency?

You’re arguably aware that Facebook advertising campaigns will help to grow your business, or at the very least, generate wins. But if you don’t have the time to understand how it works, or what you’ll get for your investment, speak to Digital Marketing Engine. We are happy to answer any questions you have.

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