What's working with Facebook ads since iOS 14?

The ads have stopped converting, the algorithm is on its knees and Facebook marketers are crying into their keyboards…

Well, that’s what the internet would have you believe!

The last few weeks have been a bumpy ride for anyone who relies on digital ads for their revenue stream. Like any bumpy ride, there have been some who are thriving and others who are feeling sick to the pit of their stomach.

So what are the thrivers doing that the others are not?

While there’s a whole lot of doom and gloom out there about what you can no longer track, there isn’t so much about what you can still do.

At the start of May we took on 3 new clients across completely different niches, business coaching, child development coaching and ecommerce. All of them are enjoying a far higher ROAS (return on ad spend) than they previously had.

Understanding that while tracking has changed, people’s behaviours remain largely the same has been fundamental to the success of these campaigns. Treating your customers and clients as sophisticated human beings, not just the "ka-ching" of the cash drawer (or the ‘ping’ of the stripe notification!), has been how they’ve scaled to 6x ROAS ($1 in gets $6 out - sounds like a great investment to me!) while others are suffering.

Another client, ecommerce again, sells Apple accessories - 100% of her customer base is on IOS, data tells us that over 90% of iPhones are now running on the latest iOS update and, of those, only 42% have opted in. Her store is doing over 50k USD per month on an ad spend of under 10k. The figure in Ads Manager tells us the ROAS is less than 0.1%, but the data from our reporting tells us exactly how much each ad brings in.

The point of this is, there are plenty of opportunities to continue growing with Facebook ads. The golden age of online advertising isn’t over, it isn’t even close to being over!

What you do need to know is;

how to keep your customer journey front and centre of your campaigns,

what you can track accurately and,

how to interpret those numbers to improve performance,

If all your customers see from you is ads to buy, they’re going to quickly be blind to your content. If you’re investing in the brand, relationship and elevating the worth in their eyes then strengthened sales will follow.

But there’s more to this too.

Facebook is relearning how to operate in a post ATT world. They need more data from those who have opted in and that means more data from your ads. Supporting your sales campaigns with strong foundations does just that. And that means Facebook can find your customer more easily.

Broad audiences, multi-level campaigns, a variety of objectives, strong creative and accurate messaging are winning time and again with Facebook ad campaigns.

Whatever happens with the Facebook Vs Apple showdown, good marketing will always win out.

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