Creating Effective Commerce Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Creating Effective Commerce Facebook Advertising Campaigns

E-Commerce Facebook Ads

Social media websites are consistently changing their algorithms to personalise what users see on their news feeds. So if you want to use Facebook to boost your e-commerce sales, consider Facebook ads.

But how can a business ensure continued success through Facebook advertisements?

As an e-commerce business, now has never been a better time to implement a well-thought-out Facebook advertising strategy. It’s essential to spend your ad revenue wisely if you want to ensure consistent results through your advertising campaigns.

After all, there is no point throwing money at any social media ads, without any proof that they’re going to convert.

Facebook Ad Strategy

E-commerce websites can advertise on Facebook, and the chances of them gaining wins are pretty high if they maximise on various aspects. Well-created e-commerce Facebook ads can win targeted traffic to your site, promote your brand and generate conversions quickly. The team at Digital Marketing Engine have outlined some key tips to successfully use Facebook e-commerce ads to drive more sales, which can be used at any stage throughout your sales funnel.

  1. Great Facebook ad images – you should always ensure you’re using high-quality imagery, and that there is not too much text in images in Facebook ads (try and keep this under the 20% text-image ratio). The pictures should be eye-catching to users, and make sure that you choose the ideal Facebook ad image size for the ad type you’ve selected. Remember that people scroll through their feeds quickly, so you need your imagery to stand out.
  2. Use the interests field – the majority of Facebook users are using it to socialise, rather than shop. This means it’s incredibly important to ensure your audience targeting is spot-on. If you target the wrong audience, it’s going to be more challenging to drive conversions. After typing an interest in the ‘Interests’ field, you can come across similar categories and pages. Try to narrow down potential interests; if you pick one that’s too broad, the related categories and pages won’t tie closely to your specific audience.
  3. Custom audiences – it’s unlikely that people will purchase from you the first time they arrive on your site. Even if you create the best Facebook ad and target the perfect audience, you shouldn’t expect people to purchase straight away. As long as someone has visited your product page, it’s safe to say there is some interest in your product(s). Creating a custom Facebook audience can help turn these visitors into buyers. Using custom audience targeting, and excluding existing customers, you can target people who have viewed (but not bought) your product. Then you can create a Facebook ad targeted explicitly to them.
  4. Cart abandonment – following on from the previous point, you can target people who visited your product page, but also anyone who added products to their cart, only to abandon it before converting. A large percentage of potential sales lie here, i.e. those who were interested but didn’t end up buying. They may only need a minor nudge to convert finally. You can create ads on Facebook to include a picture of the item, and link it to the product so they can quickly finish their order.
  5. Promote content – effective content marketing and high-quality Facebook ads can be a powerful duo. Create content for every stage of your sales funnel, then promote it to the right audiences, based on where they’re at, using Facebook lead ads. Directing relevant content to people at various stages in your sales funnel is not easy, but it is easier if you know how to create Facebook ads that work.
  6. Create offers or discounts – Facebook Offers are excellent ways to increase sales by offering a discount or incentive to customers. These offers are valuable, as they will need to come to your e-commerce site to redeem them. You can also offer discounts or vouchers directly to your followers.
  7. Engaging copy – your copy needs to engage with your target audience, and it’s even more important with a Facebook advert. Your text, and the imagery or video, should collectively tell a story that speaks to your ideal customer. Keep it brief, and show them how clicking on your ad will offer them a solution.
  8. Embed CTAs – people tend to respond well to Calls to Action buttons, so choose one that is relevant to your Facebook ad campaign, goals and brand.

Facebook Advertising Agency

These are just some of the many benefits of Facebook advertising for e-commerce sites. Naturally, though, here at Digital Marketing Engine, we understand how it’s not easy to advertise your business on Facebook. It can be like shooting fish in a barrel.

We’re happy to speak to you to see how we can turn your Facebook ads into money-generating investments!

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