Do Facebook Ads work for Small Businesses

Do Facebook Ads Work for Small Businesses?

Small Business Facebook Ads

You may be wondering whether, as a small business, you can truly reap the benefits of Facebook advertising. If you’ve scoured the web for new ways to market your business online, you’ll likely have come across the idea of Facebook business advertising.

Facebook ads are an incredibly powerful content marketing tool for small businesses. By knowing how to use Facebook ads the right way, they are valuable assets. A small business behind a successful Facebook ad campaign will have arguably thought long and hard about their Facebook marketing strategy. Why wouldn’t you want the same for your business?

Digital Marketing Engine are an experienced Facebook advertising agency, who know the ins and outs of Facebook marketing for small businesses. But we wouldn’t blame you if you wanted proof in the pudding before you commit to a social media advertising agency. So we’ve outlined why you should consider Facebook ads if you’re a small business owner.

How to Make Facebook Ads Work for Small Businesses

There are two primary benefits of Facebook ads which set them apart from other social media marketing channels, which are particularly useful for small businesses.

Audience targeting

As a small business owner, you don’t need to reach hundreds of thousands of potential customers straight away. Broadening your parameters too much opens you up to people who aren’t actively looking for your specific products or services.

If you’re a regular Facebook user, even outside of working hours, you’ll have come across various types of Facebook ads that are targeted towards you, your interests, age group, location and more.

With specific Facebook audience targeting options, you can pinpoint the specific types of people you want your Facebook ad campaign to reach. This means you aren’t wasting valuable time and marketing budget, sending out ads to people who won’t be interested in what you provide. Facebook ad targeting lets you narrow down your ideal audience, and if you structure the right Facebook ad specs, you’re onto a winner.


When you make Facebook ads for small businesses, it’s easier to see where your ad spend is going. Facebook business advertising lets you see a variety of KPI metrics which help you assess the engagement rates of your campaigns.

The types of KPI metrics you can see include (but are not limited to):

Total ad spend
Cost per click
Click-through rate

If you can see the data within each specific Facebook advertising campaign, it can help you figure out what’s working and what’s not. If you’re clued into the specific metrics, you can determine how successful your campaigns are at achieving excellent KPIs.

Best Facebook Ad Practices

At Digital Marketing Engine, we can help channel our experience and creativity into making your ad campaigns immediately successful.

It’s all well and good understanding that you need Facebook ads to grow your business. It helps if you understand the importance of Facebook targeting and reporting, but other specific specifications will significantly improve your ad campaign.

After all, it’s great to have your ad appearing in front of the right people with a clearly defined strategy behind it. However, if the ad doesn’t entice your potential customers, it’s not going to be as effective.

Whether you are opting for a Facebook image ad, a carousel ad, slideshow, canvas or video, you’ll need to ensure the content accomplishes the following if you want people to land into your sales funnel:

Clear, eye-catching visuals
Strong visuals
Brand identity
Well-written and engaging advertising copy
Clearly-defined calls to action

Facebook news feeds are generally crowded, and algorithms are constantly changing. So your Facebook ads need to grab your audience’s attention within a few seconds if you want to stand any chance of increasing click-through rates and ROI.

Why Use Facebook Ads?

Facebook advertising has numerous advantages for small businesses. Whether social media marketing is the right option for your business is a decision you have to make, and there may be some situations where it might be challenging to get it right.

For example, if your target audience is unlikely to be on Facebook, or if you’re unsure of who to target your ads to, it’s worth figuring that out. You will need to see if advertising on Facebook is the right thing to do.

If you’re still figuring this out, why not speak to Digital Marketing Engine?

We offer a Campaign Kick-Starter service, which is excellent for those small businesses that can’t commit long-term to a Facebook ad agency. This 4-week service is ideal for companies who want to get tangible results straight away. We will build your ideal audience, a bespoke sales funnel, test and optimise.

Click here to find out more, or speak to us directly.


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