Common Facebook Advertising Mistakes

Common Facebook Lead Gen Ad Mistakes

Facebook Lead Generation Ads

Facebook advertising is a popular and effective form of digital marketing. It has never been easier to advertise your business on Facebook and other social media platforms, whether that’s to increase brand awareness or create new leads. But how do you know your Facebook ads are going to be successful, converting, lead generation advertisements?

It’s all well and good knowing how to create Facebook ads, but how do you know the ones you create are going to work?

There is no cookie cutter Facebook marketing strategy to use, primarily because every business is different. Take the following as an example.

Facebook ads for a clothing company (with a CTA for users to sign up to a mailing list) are going to require a different approach than, say, a dental clinic whose target audience is people who need to book a consultation.

There is no such thing as a ‘best Facebook ad’; each business has to consider the types of Facebook ads which are going to work for them.

Any business can use Facebook ads to their advantage if they are correctly used. Once a business knows how Facebook ads work for them, the ads can be a valuable asset to generating new leads for a company, and help them achieve their goals. We’ve outlined some examples of poorly-executed Facebook lead ads.

Lead Gen Ad Mistakes

Poor audience targeting – a common mistake businesses make is their Facebook audience targeting is either too narrow, or too broad, or just poorly done. It’s vital to consider your potential reach, whether thousands (sometimes even millions) of users are instantly going to convert on what you’re offering right now. At the same time, you don’t want to narrow down your audience to the point where it is too niche. You need to get your Facebook ad audience, targeting the areas which are right for you.

Unfortunately, many businesses are still consistently targeting the wrong audience for them. If you are struggling with targeting the right audience on Facebook, the team here at Digital Marketing Engine can help you. As part of our Marketing Strategy Design service, we scale your lead generation Facebook ads to be reliable, rather than unpredictable.

Incorrect forms – lead gen Facebook ads are integral for growing your customer base, and it’s how you nurture your new leads to buy from you. Facebook instant forms are excellent methods for obtaining data, such as email addresses, phone numbers and even customer opinions. But it’s how you use the data you collect that makes these instant forms useful. By extension, the information needs to be helpful in the long run.

If your business, for example, offered free estimates, you need to consider that some customers may not need your services yet. Therefore, it’s worth customising your instant form to find out when they are likely to buy from you. You can customise it to include fields which are directly related to your products and services, and use the data you collect to improve customer experience.

Inadequate CTAs – you are not limited to what you can create in a Facebook ad CTA, you don’t have to use preset ones. Creating Facebook ads isn’t easy, and you’re not helping yourself if your CTA is an afterthought, and doesn’t support your goals. Clear, bespoke CTAs are fundamental to converting Facebook users into customers.

Poor user experience – with Facebook instant forms, you can connect with your new leads in numerous, unique ways. However, not every feature on an instant form is available across all devices. Not considering the devices which your target audience use will drastically affect your ad leads on Facebook. People might not engage with your ad correctly, or simply won’t see your ad.

“Boost this post” – when it comes to advertising on Facebook, a common mistake people make is boosting posts sporadically, without putting much thought into it. Facebook can give users the option to boost organic posts immediately to a potentially large audience, but the targeting and segmenting of this ad is severely limited.

Need Help? Speak to an Experienced Facebook Ad Agency

There are numerous benefits of Facebook lead ads, but they can be tricky to get right straight away. Ads which convert take time, effort and deep thinking. Here at Digital Marketing Engine, we can create Facebook ad campaigns which are bespoke to your business, tailored to your needs and goals, and are built to deliver a quantifiable, noticeable ROI for you.

Can’t commit to a Facebook advertising agency full-time? Why not consider our Campaign Kick-Starter service? We can test numerous audiences and build a bespoke Facebook sales funnel, which will be incredibly easy for you to manage.

Reach out to us to learn more.

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