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are you ready to take your COACHING BUSINESS to the next level?

See how we generated 1,000+ coaching leads, 722 course registrations, 433 booked calls, and more - that have all turned into wildly successful campaigns for our clients! 

Move away from inconsistent results and large outlay on ad spend with zero results to show.  

Get strategies designed to work for YOU long-term. 

Coaching program goes global

Launched a 6-day course selling for €8,000 ($8,860.40 USD).
With NO audience whatsoever to start, we took over the social media channels, built out a lead generation funnel with pre-qualifying questions, and launched the program across Europe.
We turned this cold audience into 443 booked calls in July & August with an average cost of €9 ($9.97 USD) per call!

Nutrition coach launches new program

Launching new programs is always nail biting for coaches.
Using ManyChat and FB Ads campaigns we generated 681 new email subscribers, 431 new messenger subscribers, 733 live challenge subscribers and 57 course sales which resulted in a 418% ROAS (return on ad spend)!
The attendees to the live challenge were higher than any previous challenges the coach had done.
Throughout the challenge we ran ad campaigns to promote engagement with the challenge!

Business Coach - Online Coaching

We took this previously in-person program and moved it online.
It was a new account, with no audience. We did a full set up and build out of her infrastructure.
Within the first 2 months we built a list of 963 leads at £1.12 ($1.24 USD) per lead. We put retargeting stacks in place ahead of the webinar launch of her new course!

Business Coach - Offline coaching

Dealing with tight geographical targeting of under 20kms (12mi) and targeting an audience of business owners turning over £2M++ ($2.2M USD) per year, we built out a full set up and audience.

We also put a full CRM and nurture sequence in place as well as creating content to drive the leads.

Within only 60 days we generated 23 pre-qualified booked calls leads each worth a potential £24k ($26,500 USD) per year!

Ready to scale your Coaching business to new heights?

Book your FREE, no-obligation strategy call to discover if we'd be a good fit for you!

Struggling to find or retain your audience to create a strong ongoing revenue stream?

Even if you just want to focus on what you do best - helping people - without having to do ALL the work and be exhausted, and without having to master Facebook Ads, there is an option.

We help online coaches build their fortunes with facebook & Instagram ads! 

We are a team of a real people, and we're not going to tell you it’s easy-peasy to grow email lists, increase subscriptions, and sell products or services. But it IS absolutely possible!

You know the value of getting help where you need it most. That’s what our team offers, too.

Unlike others out there, we're not wedded to any one strategy, but we have lots of different options in our kitbag - and this is how we get our clients results like:
  • 681 New email subscribers, 431 new messenger subscribers, 733 live challenge subscribers, 57 course sales with a 418% ROAS

  • 443 Booked calls in 2 months with an average cost of €9 ($9.97 USD) per call

  • 963 Leads in 2 months at £1.12 ($1.24 USD) per lead

  • ​23 Pre-qualified calls booked worth a potential £24k  ($26.5k USD) per year each

Our team are 100% in the numbers, analysing, testing, and optimising. There’s no big secret, but if there were, this would be it - it all comes down to finding a solution in the numbers!

So, if you’re wondering how to turn your coaching 

business around, or launch a new one, let’s have a friendly chat and see if it’s a good fit!

Who We Can Help

Online Coaches

Looking to genuinely grow your online business and empower thousands with your offers? We can help, just like we've helped coaches of all industries.

Offline Coaches

Need to sell out your events or seminars to the point you need to find a larger venue? We've done this, and can show you how you can, too. 


Whether you offer coaching in business, health, life, fitness, finance, or marketing and everything between, we'll craft a strategy for your specific business and goals.

About Us

Unlike traditional marketers, our background is in creating sales pipelines that convert both on and offline. We've been doing this for over 18 years.  

Digital Marketing Engine leverages Facebook ads and sales funnels as the tools for business development.

We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes who have the ambition to grow and scale.  
The work we do is driven by data. Good marketing is 90% Maths and 10% creative. 
Our understanding of the customer buying journey is data-driven to produce the exceptional results you see above.

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