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Best Practices for Effective Facebook Video Ads

Best Practices for Effective Facebook Video Ads

It pays dividends for businesses to think carefully about their Facebook advertising strategy. This is well-documented, and if they are to achieve any sort of success and ROI, a business can’t afford to advertise on Facebook blindly, without thinking about their goals, strategy, and audience.

However, some of the most flexible and effective types of Facebook ads are ones that incorporate video. When it comes to social media advertising, video adverts are incredibly effective at securing users’ attention, generating interest in your brand, and giving them incentives to engage with your business. On top of these, Facebook video ad campaigns, if executed correctly, can also help boost sales.

It is essential to think carefully about your Facebook ad strategy if you want video ads to be successful. But if you’re unsure of where to start, fear not, as we have created this short guide for you.

Facebook Carousel Ads Specs

With Facebook and Instagram advertising, reaching your desired audience has never been easier. Using Facebook Ads Manager, you can build numerous target audiences based on several data points, which help to isolate specific people who are most likely to engage with your content.

Creating video ads on Facebook that appeal to your potential customers, while sparking an emotional reaction and connection with your brand, product or service, is an excellent component of a winning Facebook ad campaign.

Here are some of the main reasons to use Facebook video ads:

Facebook users regularly watch the video - F- Facebook videos are watched almost as regularly by its near 3 billion users, as those on YouTube. Therefore, you are on a prime social media platform to advertise your business, using the type of content they prefer.

Video ads drive conversions - showcasing products being used by people in real-time, or showing various aspects of your brand’s personality help to make those initial emotional connections with users. Organic reach, coupled with word-of-mouth, are both effective ways to promote your business on Facebook.

They are excellent for audience engagement - statistically speaking, Facebook videos are more likely to generate clicks and reactions than images, not to mention static copy.

Of course, all of the above is possible and sounds straightforward on paper. However, without thinking properly about your Facebook video ad targeting, audience and strategy, you are unlikely to be immediately successful. That also starts by familiarizing yourself with Facebook ad sizes and specs.

Facebook Video Ads Specs

Below is for a single Facebook video ad:

  • Video duration: 1 second-240 minutes
  • Size: 1MB to 4GB
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9 or 9:16
  • Primary text: 125 characters
  • Sound and captions: optional but recommended
  • Link limits: headline of 25 characters, description of 30 characters
  • Thumbnail images that contain over 20% of text may experience reduced delivery.

How to Perfect Your Facebook Video Ads

The art of creating winning Facebook video ads is not an easy task, and if you’re intent on pursuing it, you’re entering a very competitive and crowded field.

This is why your video ads need to be excellent, not just good if you want maximum engagement, views, and potentially direct sales.

Here is what you should consider:

Grab your audience’s attention early - you need to secure users’ attention within the first couple of seconds if you want to have any hope of keeping them.

Keep it short and sweet - while people regularly tune out of Facebook video ads quickly, you need to keep them short. Shorter Facebook ads have higher completion rates, and Facebook themselves recommends ad lengths of 15 seconds or less.

Optimize your Facebook ad title and description - you need an engaging description and title which speaks to your customers. Think about the copy that is going to keep people watching until the end.

Get your branding in - brand awareness is one primary Facebook advertising objective, so you should aim to do this early, in the first couple of seconds.

Think mobile-first - the majority of users browse Facebook on their mobiles, so your ad specs, sizes and content should primarily gear towards mobile users.

Understand your KPIs - pick the right KPIs based on your marketing objectives, whether this is clicks, CTR, website views, sales or conversion rate.

Understand your objectives - you should match your objective to the Facebook ad type you have. Different ad types work for specific objectives; ads to spread brand awareness aren’t going to necessarily work for ones to drive conversions or boost sales.

Are Facebook Ads Worth it?

Facebook video advertising can definitely work if you spend time thinking about all of the above. But if you want hands-on, expert advice from an experienced Facebook advertising agency, then speak to Digital Marketing Engine. Book in a call and we can help identify ways in which video ads can work for you.

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