Benefits of Facebook Advertising

The Benefits of Facebook Advertising

What is Facebook Advertising?

Advertising your business on Facebook can be a valuable tool in reaching potential customers. It’s one thing to interact with people about your business, products and services, but Facebook ads go a long way in reaching other users who otherwise may not be aware of what you’re offering.

Knowing how to advertise on Facebook can pay long-term dividends for your business. The most critical step is to choose the advertisements which are going to support your goals and be the perfect fit for your target audience.

There is no universal answer to the general question, “what is the best way to advertise on Facebook?” There are numerous Facebook ad types, some of which may not be suitable for you. Therefore it’s essential to research the best Facebook advertisements, and determine the course of action which is going to help you the most.

Advantages of Advertising on Facebook

Facebook advertising offers incredible benefits to a business. However, it’s not as simple as just creating a social media ad for the sake of it. Every organisation is different, with unique goals and advertising budgets. But as it pertains to creating ads on Facebook, it’s important to understand the following:

Your goals with the Facebook ad campaign
How the advertisement is going to work
What your ROI (return on investment) is going to be
Your customer journey
The importance of sales funnels

Digital Marketing Engine have outlined some of the main benefits of Facebook ads, and how they can be valuable assets to your business.

Fine-tuned audience targeting – Facebook Ads Manager has numerous audience targeting and retargeting options so you can narrowly define your targets. This could be users’ location, age, interests, demographic, behaviours and much more. This built-in tool makes your social media advertising campaign accurately targeting the right people, ones who are likely to convert.

Improved brand awareness – it’s fair to say that people are still checking their Facebook pages multiple times per day. Having a perfectly-targeted ad gives you continued visibility on peoples’ pages, which can, in turn, help build trust with your preferred target audience.

Deep analytics – you can easily find out what’s working and what isn’t in your Facebook advertising campaigns. Within Facebook Ads Manager, you can see all types of metrics, including reach, engagement, clicks, and if set up, conversions. What’s more, you can adjust your ads based on what is needed, rather than guess.

New leads – once you find the right audience that converts, you can attract people just like them using Facebook’s ‘lookalike audiences’ feature. This feature allows you to take a custom audience and use Facebook to find similar types of people. In other words, people who are likely to buy from you. Facebook lookalike audiences can also be customised to accurately reflect your target market.

Custom calls to action – most digital advertisements have custom calls to action (CTA) buttons that will take users to the desired location (for example, your business website). If you present people with an action to perform, they’re likely to do it, and that mentality makes a big difference in ad performance. Current CTA buttons include ‘Book Now’, ‘Contact Us’, ‘Sign Up’ and much more. Again, this boils down to making sure your ad is relevant to your business goals.

Scale content promotion – Facebook ads are there to amplify your content reach. Even if your site has excellent content, posting on your social media profiles just isn’t enough. You can use ads to scale your marketing as you see fit. Once you have an ad that performs well, you can put more budget into it. You can do this until it stops performing the way you want it to.

Facebook Advertising Company

Facebook ad agencies like Digital Marketing Engine understand that some business owners don’t have the time to understand the technicalities of ad campaigns or sales funnels. It’s fair to say that running your business takes up the majority of your time.

That’s why the team here at Digital Marketing Engine will happily work with you to scale your business. We can help your business by creating a bespoke marketing plan, during which time, we will determine how to position you as the perfect, viable option for your target audience using Facebook ads.

We create bespoke, data-driven Facebook ad campaigns which will deliver you the best possible ROI on your marketing budget. We can help with anything from creating landing pages to full sales funnel management, depending on your requirements.

Click here to find out more about us or get in touch today to see how we can help.

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