Don't Forget These 5 Important Parts of Your E-commerce Marketing Plan

E-commerce is booming, with new businesses and products pushing online sales growth to a record pace. It’s an exciting time to be a business owner and to take advantage of this global marketplace. The important thing is to get your message in front of your customer base. This involves developing a focused e-commerce marketing plan to attract and retain customers.

Advertising Digital has the personalized solutions you need to get the competitive edge in an ever-expanding market.

1. Use Email Receipts as Part of Your E-commerce Marketing Plan

Businesses need a solid email marketing plan. Emails are still one of the most effective ways of reaching customers through e-commerce marketing. One essential tool is email receipts. These are transactional emails generated when a customer takes an action, such as buying a product. This triggers a receipt that thanks customers for their business and provides savings codes for referrals to potential customers. Transaction emails are opened at a much higher rate than traditional mass email campaigns.

2. Optimize Your Images

If you own an e-commerce business, you know that search engine optimizations are central to driving business to your webpages. Did you know that image optimization is also a key driver of new customer clicks?

Take these steps to gain new customers:

Provide a clear file name that tells what is in the picture.

Adjust the image size so it will load quickly.

Use alt text to provide more information to describe an image.

Our web optimization specialists consistently track your site in real-time. We provide insights on how to enhance your content and use targeting strategies based on customer responses.

3. Launch Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaigns

Reaching customers where they live is a big advantage of social media advertising. Your business needs a combination of well-placed infographics, videos and other media content to get people to look your way. Facebook and Instagram are powerhouse platforms for marketing campaigns that speak directly to your customers.

Native ads are an excellent way to create excitement around your brand on your terms. We help you craft your ad messages to create sales opportunities.

4. Tell a Compelling Story

Copy is still king in the marketing world. However, in today's business world, customers are responding to personalized content more than the heavy-handed sales pitches of the past. Writers now use brand stories to highlight the personality of businesses and to show customers why they should buy from these companies. Storytelling speaks straight to the needs and wants of customers as individuals.

5. Include User-Generated Content in Your E-commerce Marketing Plan

One unique way of capitalizing on customer interest in your brand is through user-generated content. This idea was first popularized on Instagram. It is a highly effective strategy when used in an e-commerce marketing plan to grow your brand.

People take photos of themselves using products or show products displayed in their homes and post them to their social media accounts. Businesses repost these photos to build customer relationships and boost repeat sales.

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