3 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Lead Generation Strategy

3 Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Lead Generation Strategy

When it comes to keeping things fresh for your audience there are always opportunities to refine, enhance and streamline your communication.   With Springtime fully upon us, it’s the perfect time to dust off the winter blues and freshen up the content while you evaluate what’s working and iron out inefficiencies.

Speak to your audience where they are at in their journey. 

1 message to a mass audience is like throwing spaghetti at the wall.  Sure, some will stick, but it still just makes a mess!   Everytime you write a post, ad, blog or email, stop and think WHO it is for.   Segment your audience for ads as you would your email; the most engaged, most educated in your offer, to those who have just found you and don’t quite know what it’s all about yet…

Follow the awareness journey to get the highest qualified leads at the best price;

Desire -> Problem -> Solution -> Product -> You/Your Brand

Recycle  / Reuse / Repurpose your content.  

Time spent creating content is time spent wisely if you’re creating the kind of content that, a) takes people through the above 5 level journey and, b) seeds more content and thus saves you time, energy and money.  Not to mention that clever content creation means better ad results, more organic traffic, engagement and shares.   It’s the backbone of great marketing AND helps people who are not your ideal client to realise that themselves and move on so you don’t spend time on the wrong leads.

1 blog = 5 social posts, 5 story posts, 3 Reels (more, if you have good background content!) AND a press release!

Not only that, but you can resurface, freshen up and reuse the same content months or years later, too!

Read, engage, ask questions - be SOCIAL!

Getting people to listen is more than just being everywhere or shouting louder.  No matter how much you spend on your ad campaigns, leads won’t come through in the volume you want if your message isn’t speaking to them directly.

Clear, simple points that give them the information they need to be interested!

How do you find it?

Research.  The unsexy truth about great marketing is that it is 80% research and 20% output.

Want to advertise to 40yr old women?  Read their magazines, read the blog posts, influencer posts, TV shows, films and books that appeal successfully to that age group.


Note the language, tone, humour…   that’s how you’ll get noticed, and get qualified leads.